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Septic tank installation

Set It And Forget It? Not Quite.

Your Annual Checkup

To keep your septic system from causing problems, it's recommended that you get the tank pumped out once a year. This one simple step can save you thousands of dollars down the line!

Reliable work

If you need a septic tank installed look no further than A & W Plumbing & Backhoe Service Inc. We will provide you with an expert installation. We can also help you with replacing your septic tank.

Look Before You Leap

If you're considering the purchase of a house or commercial property with a septic system, we can inspect the system to make sure it's working properly, so you don't have any "buyer's remorse" down the line.

Other Services

Flow Forward

Tapped Out

Grade "A"

If you need light grading on your property, we can help!

Epic Fails

If your septic system is beyond saving, we can install a new one.

We offer backflow device testing so you can enjoy clean water.

We install sewer and meter taps for easy access to your lines.

Septic systems have been in use for years for the simple reason that with proper maintenance, they work just as well as municipal sewer systems. We can help with the proper maintenance part.

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