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Repairing of septic lid Lift station pump

Good News And Bad News

Reliable repairs

There are a lot of causes to septic issues. Some of these issue can be solved by installing a lift station. Call A & W Plumbing & Backhoe Service Inc. today and we'll be able to help resolve your issue.

The Ravages Of Time

If your home and septic system are older, your pipes could be corroded or dissolving. A simple pipe replacement could be the ticket to getting your system back to peak working order.  

Expert service

Having a broken septic tank lid can cause problems with your spetic tank system. Our staff of professionals can help you through this issue with our expert repairs so you'll have a solid lid.

Other Services

Field Work

So Uplifting

No Surprises

When we quote you a price, that is the price you'll pay.


When tomorrow is too late, call us and we'll be there.

We can replace drain/leach fields with up front pricing.

We are one of a handful of firms who install lift stations.

You've probably deduced the bad news: your septic system is no longer functioning properly. The good news is A & W Plumbing & Backhoe Service Inc. can repair it!

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